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Updated: Feb 13

You know that parenting thing? Yeah, we do it too…sometimes. What’s different about us is that we’re moms in business, life and startups. Here’s what you can expect to find on Market Musings: stories about products and services, with an angle specific to moms; news and inspiration; my random musings as a busy Mompreneur who is navigating through motherhood whilst finally stepping into the next phase of my life. Not working for any boss, ever again!

When last did you hear someone say “it takes a village”…? well I haven't it in years and I guess it because it's so far removed from our lives that it's exiting our vocabulary too. I really don’t know when it is that the village decided to abscond but roundabout the time technology starting taking over I'd say is fairly accurate. The more 'modern' our lives became, the more society lessened the support of the parent and mothers in particular.

So many mothers are parenting ‘in isolation’, and I know so many who are trying to grow their businesses and feel exactly the same way, isolated and lonely. I was so stuck in that rut of asking myself ‘How do other moms do it?’, that I sat on my ideas for years. I realised how they 'do' it... THEY ACT and they invest. If you’re a MOMpreneur yourself you know what I’m talking about right?! I decided to start taking my own advice, and the brands and online market you see before you are a result of those efforts. Yes it’s the beginning, but if you’ve headed over to my bio section I am bringing all my business and product development as well as design expertise and experience into one place. And I'll be sharing all of that with you.

BUT wait, if you’re not the MOMpreneur we’re talking about you are still a mom or woman reading this blog, this message is for you… there are abilities within you that are unique to your being. They are divinely and purposely placed within you to guide you towards your purpose and passion in life. You might not be in business but there is something that is just for you, that stimulates you and makes you feel your best self - and most likely you often dismiss that and carry out all the responsibilities of life. Keep serving your family in love, but take the time to figure out that side of you that is only for you. Nurture your spirit woman and live your best authentic ‘you’ life because it really is too short and I want you to be happy and fulfilled mom!

More to come from the Blog

Join me as we talk to the women who are making the products you see, buy and love for your family, friends and home. Learn from their journeys and business experiences.

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