Does Lavender really work to calm & soothe?

Updated: Feb 8

Have you ever been give the advice to try some lavender to soothe/relax yourself or your child? Are you sick of hearing it? It doesn't work... or does it...

Here's the thing, most products out there that contain 'lavender' only actually contain the lavender fragrance (or fragrance oil), although it may smell great - I'm going to call it... it's a dud! You are not receiving the benefits of the actual lavender plant - and those benefits are irrefutable. Our ancestors used nature to conquer a variety of ailments and they did so with complete conviction in the power of the ingredients. In the Bible, oils were used for healing, anointing and blessing, as well as personal care.

It's actually very simple, essential oils (as part of a product for topical application) are absorbed through the skin and penetrate into the blood stream via the capillaries. Using massage in the areas of application further stimulates the process of blood flow to the area and subsequently enhancing the absorption capabilities. Think about it like a moisturiser, you don't just dab it on your face or body and leave it there, to experience the benefits of moisturisation you have to literally rub the product into your skin. It's the same principle with an essential oil based product.

It is important to know that not just any product with the word 'lavender' (or any other natural ingredient) does not mean that the truest and most pure form of that ingredient has been used. Hence the skeptics that say they tried lavender and it didn't work... they used the wrong product AND...

Lavender on it's own might not cut it! Here's why - Essential oils are expensive, and so many makers, to save costs, are not using the ideal ratio of essential oil/base ingredients. Essentially many products on the market 'dilute' their product to the point where it loses its efficacy.

DuduBaaBaa is different - made with the highest safe concentration of not only 100% Pure lavender essential oil, but another 3 incredible 100% pure essential oils that all have similar health benefits. Add Neroli, Roman Chamomile and Rose Geranium to the mix and DuduBaaBaa offers a powerhouse of calm and relaxation. We often get feedback from mom's that their children are sleeping through the night, coping better with anxiety related issues and feeling generally uplifted. And that is exactly what this product promotes, restoring some calm into your world, because in the chaos of motherhood (at times it's tough, isn't it?) you deserve to feel peace. Created for mom and child alike (from babies 3 months plus), this IS THE ANSWER to restlessness, anxiety and insomnia.

Use DuduBaabaa as part of your daily routine and you'll never look back!

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