Why you should jump rope!

Updated: Feb 13

Do you remember the joy of active play as a child? Skipping rope is as nostalgic as it is beneficial for your health. Little did we know as children that we were exercising our hearts, improving our speed and co-ordination and building up strong muscles by simply jumping rope!

It’s incredible what 12 minutes per day skipping rope can do for your mind and body! Every journey starts with the first step, so with your rope in hand - you can begin at your ownpace, in your own space (you can skip anywhere!).

Skipping rope does far more for our health than what most would assume. Are you aware than when you skip you are literally exercising your brain too? It’s called ‘Audio Spatial Perception’. What does it mean? Well skipping requires you to develop both the ability to concentrate on how your body is moving and what it should be doing as well as grow the perseverance and endurance to learn and maintain new rhythms of movement. As your communication between brain and body improves with simple movements when you first start out, with perseverance, you will move on to move challenging movements and full workouts. And by that stage, your brain will start training your body to do it with more ease, and you’ll continue to the next challenge, and so the pattern continues. This is brain and body exercise on another level! And it really requires so little to get started.

In addition to these brain boosting benefits, skipping is also burns an incredible amount of calories, improves coordination, strengthens bones, lessens injury risk and improves heart health from the day you get started!

SkipalotTM beaded skipping ropes are designed to give you all the benefits of skipping on an enhanced level offering you a full body workout! What is a beaded rope? The beads function to add weight to the rope for a more challenging workout that results in increased benefits and muscle tone. The benefit for beginners is that the beads also function to control the movement of the rope so it’s easier to handle, simply put, this rope is designed for you to give a little extra effort but the reward is life-changing. If you’re looking to lose weight, did you know that one 12 minute skipping session burns up to 500 calories!? All you need to get started is our sturdy, quality rope for a fun, high-intensity interval-training workout that is free and effective.

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