Jannike Ferreira

Founder & Owner

- Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Over the past 15 years, I have amassed over

35 000 hours of business and product development experience. I have spent my career building brands and products for both large and small businesses across all kinds of industries.


You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn page, but let me offer you a brief summary of my career and why I decided to launch The Mommy’s Market.

A Bit About Me

I’m a creative, motivated and passionate business minded individual and also mom to a wonderful 4 year old boy, who means the world to me. He’s my ‘Why’.  

Although I studied for and dabbled in the education and travel industry - it is really my 'corporate' career that I attribute my to who I am today in business. I worked my way up from a vendor manager where I personally signed over 250 major South African brands to an online platform that serviced closed groups of people with incredible deals, rewards and benefits - to the head of business and product development for the same company. I was responsible for the conceptualisation and implementation of bespoke & turnkey solutions which I sold to South Africa’s Top Blue Chip Companies. I was closing deals worth millions, and I did so on the foundation of my expertise and creativity. The products and processes I designed are still being used today almost 5 years after leaving. 


Why did I leave? I left corporate because I was overworked and underpaid. I decided to pursue contract and freelance work, to try and find what they call a ‘work/life balance’ being a new mom. But contract work & freelancing came with it’s own challenges, and again… I was using my creativity and expertise for everyone but myself. All my time was focused on working for a client or finding one… and finding the right one proved elusive. I was tired of the instability and always having to try and prove my value and defend my pricing. Sound familiar? 


In my time freelancing over the past 13 years (side hustle and full time) I have done brand and product design and development for over 100 clients, many of which are still in business and thriving. BUT…


I am now done giving the best of myself and my ideas to an employer or client.  It's time for me to take all my skills and experience—and all that energy I put toward under-appreciative bosses and difficult freelance clients—and apply them toward building my own products and this marketplace that filled with incredible value from other dedicated MOMpreneurs. 


Why the marketplace? Whilst I want to keep creating my own products and bring them to market on my terms, I also want to use all my skills, experience and work with startups to offer guidance and support to the mom-run business via this marketplace.


The bottom line is I've worked for some time now and I've spent enough years working to improve the quality and value of other company's products to bring them the financial benefit and now I’m bringing everything to this platform and to you!  


I'm so excited to bring all of me and share my knowledge with other moms. I know that together we can create incredible products for families all over the UK! 


Graphic design

Business & product development

13 Years of freelancing & most recently lead designer for magazine publisher with 21 titles across Dorset & Hampshire, United Kingdom since early 2020 until end 2021.

Specialising in attraction, retention and engagement solutions across all industries. Vendor manager negotiating and managing 250+ Top South African brands across rewards platforms and programs. Conceptualising, selling  and implementing bespoke turnkey solutions for clients. 

Keyboard and Mouse

Let's Get

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